Video Tech for Premium Content Holders 最高の動画配信技術を、最高の品質で、プレミアムコンテンツホルダのために。



We provide the problem-solving service "ULIZA" for the video delivery technology needs of all content producers and content rights holders.
ULIZA offers numerous standard features as 'products' and flexible integration and operations support as 'professional services' to facilitate system implementation and operations related to video delivery and video advertising. ULIZA is designed to efficiently offer only the needed functions and support to act as a one-stop solution covering the construction and operation of large-scale video delivery services.

Products & Services Lineup

動画コンテンツ配信 ・If you'd like to start video delivery
・If you'd like to livestream an event
And more…
動画広告配信 ・If you'd like to distribute your company's information via video advertisement
・If you'd like to distribute ads via a video ad network
And more…
プロフェッショナルサービス ・If you'd like to build a video delivery service
・If you'd like to outsource video delivery system management and maintenance
And more…




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